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If each remains silent, then each serves just one year in prison.The Nash equilibrium in this example is for both players to betray each other.According to game theory, the decisions of one firm therefore influence and are influenced by decisions of other firms.Strategic planning by oligopolists needs to take into account the likely responses of the other market.Finally, we analyze a game in which a firm has to decide whether to invest in a machine that will reduce its costs of production.We learn that the strategic effects of this decision–its effect on the choices of other competing firms–can be large, and if we ignore them we will make mistakes.The Nash equilibrium is the solution to a game in which two or more players have a strategy, and with each participant considering an opponent’s choice, he has no incentive, nothing to gain, by switching his strategy.In the Nash equilibrium, each player's strategy is optimal when considering the decisions of other players.

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The prosecutors do not have the evidence to convict the pair, so they offer each prisoner the opportunity to either betray the other by testifying that the other committed the crime or cooperate by remaining silent.Nash equilibrium is a concept within game theory where the optimal outcome of a game is where there is no incentive to deviate from their initial strategy.More specifically, the Nash equilibrium is a concept of game theory where the optimal outcome of a game is one where no player has an incentive to deviate from his chosen strategy after considering an opponent's choice.If you revealed Sam's strategy to Tom and vice versa, you see that no player deviates from the original choice.Knowing the other player's move means little and doesn't change either player's behavior. The prisoner's dilemma is a common situation analyzed in game theory that can employ the Nash equilibrium.

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