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It is a fun little event that something posted on 4chan is used in a research paper.But that nobody knows how it should be cited is just plain wrong.By chatting with these matches, you can decide which one has the same tuning as that of yours.Connect them today for an everlasting and also fun-filling relationship or a casual hangout.Anyway, whining on HN is the about least useful thing you can do.

But it's still cited and most active people in the field probably have a personal copy of it on their hard drive. ----------In short: people give credit to blackboard scribbles and napkin proofs that came out of discussions at conferences, but you won't see "4th beer coaster, such-and-such conference banquet, 2018" as something that people cite.

That sounds mighty weird, and honestly the statement has certain characteritics that trigger my crackpot alarm (don’t take it personally)...

If what you say is true, it’s not like you don’t have recourse — you can write to the publication’s editorial board, or report to your department or institution’s academic disciplinary body (of course, that’s after you have contacted whomever you’re in dispute with; it’s okay, and I’ve had people cold emailing me about my preprint, asking me to mention their only somewhat related and by no means appropriated work...) Also, if you produced whatever result when you were working for a professor, they can publish it under their name (it’s nice to at least have you on the author list, of course), you don’t revoke their right just by publishing it on your own website.

For a while, there was a collection of multilingual word counts over Open Subtitles that everyone was using, and you would acquire it from the One Drive of the pseudonymous blogger "Hermit Dave".

Many people put the link to his blog in a footnote, but I think I was the only person to come up with a citation for (Dave 2011). Syntactic annotations for the Google Books Ngram Corpus.

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