Apple mail rss feeds not updating

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Create as many as you’d like and simply drag & drop your RSS feeds to the appropriate place. is there a way to differentiate from read and unread mail once it goes into the smart box?I see that unopened mail in the main box is highlighted but that does not seem to appear that way in the smart mailbox?After reading some previous help topics I thought this may have been causing the issue so I removed it from the Extras page as is described in other help topics.This has completely removed all trace of the Podtrac from the Settings and has also not allowed the RSS feed to update.In case you’re wondering, you can create multiple mailboxes per account to fit your specific needs.Instead of choosing “New Mailbox” from the plus ( ) menu in the sidebar, select “New Smart Mailbox.” From there you can set specific parameters to filter your email in almost any way imaginable.We're not expecting that to be addressed by this update.

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Staying organized is key to maintaining your sanity, so make your life easier with folders for your email and RSS feeds.Check to see you've set the category for your podcast on your Content settings page here c. FIX THAT by pasting the real RSS you just copied from soundcloud. I don't know if it works for RSS feeds that aren't podcasts this might you some ideas.Then, you can either click enter or "Refresh feed" 4) Apple will mark your podcast as "scheduled for updating/refreshing" (or sth else but I can exactly remember, sorry :$) You podcast will have a yellow dot right next to it. To get started organizing your email, click the plus ( ) button at the bottom of the left sidebar.In the popup menu that comes up, choose “New Mailbox.” A window will be display where you can choose the mail account you want to work with and name the mailbox you’re creating. The mailbox should now be listed in Mail’s sidebar and is ready for you to move or copy messages to it.

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