Are sarah silverman and jimmy kimmel dating

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One topic that he likes to keep somewhat under wraps, though, is his relationship with his wife, Molly Mc Nearny.Here's everything to know about their sweet romance, including how they transitioned from co-workers to the cutest couple ever.And he really has a calling to — you know how I'm like, kind of politically active?Well he wants to be [too], and he needs to be home to do that, so he's there a lot.2002 - March 2009Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel started dating in 2002, but in 2008 they split briefly, only to rekindle months later.They ended things for good in March 2009, though Silverman has stated in interviews that the two may end up together later in life.

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Case in point: Her continuing friendship with her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, from whom she split in 2009 after seven years of dating., where Silverman shared the harrowing tale of her near-fatal cast of epiglottitis last year.

"OK, Molly's cute, she's bright, she's funny, she's blonde, but come on!

" After breaking the bad news that they've been married for five years, Silverman asked, "You think she's gonna wipe your ass when you're old?

that when she first met Kimmel, he insulted her when the executive producer told him she competed in triathalons.

“Jimmy looked up at me and said, ‘That is really stupid! “That was the first and only thing he probably said to me the entire first year of working there.” She said at first, she never even fathomed they’d be together romantically, especially since the two were in relationships with other people at the time.

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