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We’ll get trained professional chefs to come on show the viewer their dishes.

Give the every-day cook restaurant quality recipes, and tips that they can cook for their families.

From day one until now there have been a ton of changes, but the one I want to focus on is the change in hotness of chefs/hosts of the shows on air.

The level of sexy that is being pumped out by the Network is kind of crazy when you think about it.

Maybe a Brontosaurus, they’re vegetarians did you know that? We’ve come a long way since then but in the initial conception of this Network it was clear who the majority of the audience was.

Now smash-cut to 2015 where the network is a powerhouse.

She now works on the hit show The Kitchen which airs on the Food Network.

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She brings new twists on classic dishes many of us here in America arn’t familiar with. While a little thick for some peoples taste, you can’t deny the beauty she posses. Siba’s Table is a show where chef Siba Montanga brings traditional South African food and culture to the states.

She has modern takes on classic dishes and shows you what she serves on her own home table.

Marcela (36 years old) grew up around expert and traditional cooks in Tijuana, Mexico.

Beyond just trained chefs we now have legitimate MODELS who have their own cooking shoes on the channels.

This is the comprehensive list of the hottest women who are gracing your television screen and making more than just your mouth water. One thing we need to consider for this list is that there will be some what of a bias towards women who became famous through cooking, as opposed to chicks that were famous and have now turned to cooking for more exposure/career extension.

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