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It seemed that my role as a “television personality” allowed participants to see beyond my academic persona; not uncommonly, they expressed a general dislike of academics, who had at times patronisingly championed their so-called liberated culture.As Jo “Boobs” Weldon, an exotic dancer turned headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, once said to me, strippers don’t need the “approval of some Ph D” to tell them whether they are empowered or not.Toni gave a soft smile when I asked her about her career high. Right now, at the Burlesque Hall of Fame: “Who would think that 30-some years after quitting that someone would ask me to dance again, and it would go over as it has done?If anybody had told me in 1974 that that wasn’t the last show, I would have laughed.

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The EDL’s first meeting, which the Los Angeles Times described as being “colorful but well-balanced” with “three redheads, three blonds, and three brunettes”, was held in June 1955, with the primary aim of raising the minimum wage for strippers in Los Angeles.

Finally, after removing her bra, she stands with her arms in the air, belly out, joyously bouncing her pastie-clad, stage-veteran breasts and anything else that cares to bounce with them.

The crowd of neo-burlesque enthusiasts leap to their feet in outright celebration.

I couldn’t see myself at 80-some years old dancing.

It just didn’t jibe.” However, the framing of the Burlesque Hall of Fame event as a straightforward safe space is often an oversimplification.

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