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Then we went to the mall in Idaho Falls before our movie and he asked if we should go ring shopping… “ “I once got asked on a date to go golfing at the sand dunes. He literally chewed the sticks open but they were the small ones so nothing really came out.

The date lasted SIX HOURS and I did not know what to do to stop it. The weather that day started to get really cold and actually started snowing. We ended up at the dunes for like an hour trying to get it to work before I was shaking so bad we had to leave.

He started driving towards Las Vegas and told me that we should elope. He asked me to come over to his apartment and when I got there he had me peel the skin off squid! While I was peeling the nasty skin off he puts his finger inside one of the tentacles and starts stroking my face and talking in a really weird voice. When he showed up he literally blind folded me as soon as he got to my apt.

I convinced him to turn around by Idaho Falls but the whole way home he tried to tell me that this was how all the apostles got their wives. The date was based off of a fake obstacle course that he was leading me through all while being blindfolded.

He said things like, “I tried out for this guys band the other day and when I started playing they were all blown away over how how good I was!

” and “You seriously don’t even understand how good I am!

Less than two days after we Continue Reading If you are just joining me now for the first time…welcome!

When we went to get the crepes told him I wanted the Nutella one, he said I couldn’t get that one because he didn’t want to have to spend money on two and he couldn’t eat Nutella because his dietitian told him not to.

We’ve asked BYU-I students to share their bad dating experiences while living in Rexburg.

Either way, these bad date stories are extremely entertaining.

I feel like it’s time to share my reasons for not Continue Reading In general, a single mom receives a lot of criticism and judgment.

There’s honestly no real way to get around it, and that’s ok!

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