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When the Arminians read it, they said, “These are five places we don’t agree.” That is where we got these five points.

So, if you want to talk about what is the key soteriological differences between Arminianism and Calvinism, you have to take these one by one. I will give one sentence for each — Calvinism and Arminianism — under the five points, and then I will say what I would say to my 13-year-old.

Meaning, faith itself is not purchased by the cross, but that it is the human means of obtaining what the cross purchased — namely, forgiveness of sins.

Calvinists say that the new birth is God’s work of renewal in our hearts that necessarily brings about the act of willing, hearty, saving faith.

Lawrence Weathers (1890–1918) was an Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in battle that could be awarded to a member of the Australian armed forces at the time.

He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in early 1916, and joined the 43rd Battalion.

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Calvinists say God works infallibly to preserve us in faith — all of us who are truly born again — and that no one is ever lost who was truly born of God.After that, you may still join free but to contact others one must be a subscriber. "If I were pitching the service, I wouldn't be able to resist including the tag line: "Well, maybe not TOTALLY free..." Or better yet, instead of the second sentence, you could include: "After that, you may still join free but in a qualified, compatibilist sense that is still fully consistent with divine justness! I think my Molinist-Calvinist hybrid view disqualifies me from being involved. I added: Hey John, a Calvinist dating service sounds like a good idea, but they need a couple of good slogans. My father was raised a Roman Catholic but attended Houston Baptist University on a scholarship; my mother was raised in a Protestant household and baptized as a Protestant in her youth.Arminians say God works to preserve his people, but he does not always prevent some who were born again from falling away to destruction. Those words would be hard to get, and they might need years to work through that. Let me close with a question, trying to answer the question that the dad asked.So, what is the one thing a dad would say to a son? I would like to say that the one key difference is the sovereignty of God, but that won’t work, because the Arminians won’t like that since they affirm the sovereignty of God too.

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