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His views came soon after an attack on the UK government's immigration policy by Nobel Prize-winning British-American scientist John O'Keefe.The US-born neuroscientist, who won the 2014 prize for rat research into the brain's inner "GPS system", said immigration rules were "a very, very large obstacle" to hiring the best scientists.

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According to latest available statistics, the number of Indian students coming to study in the UK fell from 18,535 in 2010-11 to 13,250 in 2011-12 and further to 10,235 in 2012-13.Student migration simply isn't an issue for them," Prof Hamilton said.The Oxford VC called political parties to use research-based evidence to form their immigration election policies, and also argued for more public investment in universities. If any musical lovers I know should have the misfortune to possess tickets to The Bridges of Madison County at the Menier, all I can say is... This is the truth." 1/ Today's gay history lesson: One of the most prized possessions of gay men in the 1950s/60s was the Polaroid camera.

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