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Henna night Ghomrah [ edit ] An Arab bride a basic, hand-tied rose bouquet, on her hands henna In Old Palestine, the henna night was a night used to prepare all the necessary wedding decorations and last minute arrangements.

It was also a chance for the families to celebrate together before the wedding.

The groom will wear the usual traditional Arab men's thobe and hata head covering. Music and dance groups perform and the men dance with the groom.

They exchange rings, putting the rings on each other's right-hand ring finger they are very common Radwa[ edit ] This event usually occurs one or two days before the wedding Arab marriage culture and traditions of florida.

Thus, the wedding being merely dancing and celebration.

An important element of the henna night in both traditional and non-traditional henna parties, is the dress adorned by the Palestinian women and the groom.

The groom's family would sahij or dance through the streets of the village until reaching the house of the bride.

Once there, the family would mix henna together, which would then be used to decorate the bride and grooms hands with the groom's being merely the initials of his bride and himselfand then offer the bride her mahr usually gold as it does not decline in value like other wealth.

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