Dating silvertone amp

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Finally I changed one of the .022 caps in the trem circuit to a .047 to slow it down. (.95 in 1965, about the same I paid for this one thirty five years later!!) It is not an exaggeration to say the cabinet is built out of cardboard.Two more mods and I was done with the amp: I added another .68 cathode bypass cap across the 2.2k resistor in the phase inverter, which added another gain boost and a modicum of high end.

It can be seen on a photo of him performing with the King Kasuals.Based on the fact that this is the only time he was seen using the amp, we suspect that it was likely borrowed.At the time of using this amp, Jimi played what is likely a 1961 Epiphone Wilshire.I've decided recently to properly fix this amp, but I need some guidance concerning how I might go about doing so.Obviously I need a new speaker (preferably an 8\" like the original) but I've yet to do hours of research; there seems to be a slim selection of 8\" guitar speakers online and I'm unsure what's best.

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