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In other cases, it may be more active or cause multiple breakouts a year.Unlike what some people think, the virus can also transmit even when there is no herpes sores, fever blisters, or other symptoms present.A question that keeps popping up is, “Can I spread herpes to my family? Here, you’ll to get answers to common questions on herpes transmission in the family and herpes precautions you can take to avoid spreading the disease.

This means you can still give the virus to your child or anyone else from skin-to-skin contact with the lips or mouth.

Some people fear they’ll catch herpes from toilet seats, bath towels, eating utensils, or even a swimming pool used by someone who has HSV 1 or 2.

The herpes virus is not typically passed from indirect contact, except when the virus is still alive outside the body.

Although rare, you can spread genital herpes to your child during pregnancy or delivery or if you touch an infected area of your genitals and then touch your child’s genitals, e.g., when doing a diaper change, before washing your hands.

The herpes virus can also transmit from the genitals to the mouth and cause oral herpes.

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