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In 1999, Norton performed alongside Brad Pitt in Fight Club (1999), a film portraying the lives of emotionally empty men who turn to underground combat as an outlet from their homogeneous lives in a materialistic and corporate-dominated society.

To prepare for the role, Norton took lessons in boxing, taekwondo and grappling.

In 2003, Paramount Studios forced Norton to star in The Italian Job (2003) by threatening to sue him under the terms of a three-film contract he had signed.

Norton accordingly refused to promote the film’s release.

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He portrayed Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner / The Hulk in the Marvel Studios film The Incredible Hulk (2008).

This performance earned him his second Oscar nomination, this time for Best Actor.

Then Norton starred with Matt Damon in Rounders, which follows two friends who urgently need to earn enough cash playing poker to pay off a huge debt.

They went kayaking together in Malibu back in August 2007.

FYI: Ed brok off engagements from both singer Courtney Love (1999) and actress Salma Hayek (2003).

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