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Yes, there are still people who get pretty excited about the annual phone rollout, the ones who will twist their wrist so you can see their vintage Cortébert watch or list all the specs of the new i Phone XS Max (up to 512GB of storage! A black rectangle just doesn’t give off the same godlike aura as a Porsche or Vuitton bag.

Nor are they great for expressing your personality.

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If your phone isn’t broken, there’s really little reason for you to upgrade all that often.

In the absence of all that, I’m sticking with my current 2017 phone until it breaks.

I’ll spend my money on things that really show people who I am — like drinking raw water, putting jade eggs in my hoohaw, and raising chickens in my backyard biosphere.

Plus, how often do we get to document, on such a personal level, the rapid evolution of a particular piece of technology?

When mobile phones were first introduced, they were elusive status symbols, the accessories of celebrities and people who needed to be reached at any moment of the day.

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