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1923 - Turkey independent 1924 - Christiana, Norway renamed Oslo 1924 - Leningrad appears1930 - Constantinople becomes Istanbul 1931 - Japan invades Manchuria and renames it Manchukuo In 1931 South Africa became a fully sovereign and self-governing dominion under the British crown.

Perhaps you like to see how older world globes show the political boundaries of their times.

To learn more about the art of collecting antique and vintage globes, visit OMNITERRUM.

1911 Rhodesia was divided into Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia, the latter becoming a self-governing British colony in 1922.

1891 - North and South Dakota divided and Indian Territory in Oklahoma 1895 - "Rhodesia" name on Ndebele territory of Zimbabwe1900 - Cook Islands annexed by New Zealand.

1908 - Bulgaria becomes independent kingdom; Belgium takes over Congo Free State 1909 - Canberra becomes capital of Australia.

Although no longer officially recognised and less visible in modern India than in the past, the caste system still has a strong hold on Hindu families, and the impact of this on customs (including birth) also extends to those who have migrated.

1918 - 1940 - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania were independent.

Here, we attempt to present some common features of these rites in order to help non-Hindu healthcare professionals to develop a working appreciation of these practices and their significance.

They further explain that such competence is based on improving understanding as opposed to an increase in cultural knowledge.

The usage of the term "childfree" to describe people who choose not to have children was coined in the English language late in the 20th century.

In most societies and for most of human history choosing not to have children was both difficult and undesirable.

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