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So I’d go to work, and do the porn, so I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain.And around and around it went." Spears also claimed that the business changed his view of women, perceiving them as sexual objects, adding "I lost the ability to have a loving and caring relationship. I was fooled." Spears is now a Christian and has left the porn industry.In 2013–2014, he and his company acquired more than 11,000 units throughout New York, New Jersey, and the Baltimore area.In 2014, Kushner, with his brother Joshua and Ryan Williams, co-founded Cadre (now Real Cadre LLC), an online real-estate investment platform.He said he turned to modeling when a make-up artist handed him her card and told him to dial the number if he ever felt like doing nude work.With nothing more than a can of beans and a can of potatoes in his cupboard, he called a month later, despite his concern that working in the adult entertainment industry could hurt his professional career later on.

Kushner graduated from New York University in 2007 with dual JD/MBA degrees.In 2011, he shot his last film in the pornography film industry, having broken down in tears as he left the set.He publicly announced in 2015 that he had left the industry, turning to Christianity.He later also bought Observer Media, publisher of the New York Observer.He is the co-founder and part owner of Cadre, an online real-estate investment platform.

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