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In 2015, she was cast as Tracy in the BBC television drama series Ordinary Lies.

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Her maternal great-grandmother was a Gibraltarian who married a British soldier stationed in Gibraltar, and she also has distant Italian ancestry from her 7 times great-grandfather who emigrated to Gibraltar from Genoa.

The gangster film was the directorial debut of Mario Van Peebles, and follows the life of a rising drug lord in New York City during the crack epidemic.

The film was highly successful, but it didn’t give her a jumpstart in her career, as her next film would come six years later in “The 6She then played another leading role in the show “Trade Winds”, before gaining a recurring role in the police drama “New York Undercover”, but left the show sometime in 1995 to gain a lead role in the soap opera “Central Park West”, which was only partly successful as it was cancelled after two seasons.

But that role dissolved when she spurned his advances and she filed a sexual harrassment suit against him. A lovely and gifted actress, Michael Michele has won acclaim for her portrayals of strong and capable women on television as well as in feature films.

Born in Evansville, Indiana, on August 30, 1966, she--like practically everyone in the Hoosier State--grew up a big basketball fan.

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