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For medical emergencies, all patients should be referred to the ER or Urgent Care.

The clinic is run by the Physicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Medical Students and other volunteers.

If a patient is having trouble finding transportation, all they need to do is to arrange it with Noor.

The staff will arrange an Uber to pick their patients up.

During wartime in the 70s, his family smuggled him into Pakistan, where he was able to finally end up, of all places, in Simi Valley, California. “I was taught to “Care for your family; care for your neighbors; care for your town, and then care, care and keep expanding outward,” Dr. “I’m happy that we get to keep expanding and helping more of our community.” A partial list of services offered at the Noor clinics are diabetes support and prevention, disease prevention and screening, laboratory testing, mammogram screening, nutritional support, patient education, physical exams, podiatry, women’s wellness exams, vision care and free glasses, diabetic eye exams, glaucoma treatment and dental care (including cleanings, fillings and root canals).

The Noor Foundation has been running a medical clinic and vision clinic on Phillips Lane in San Luis Obispo and a dental clinic on South Higuera in San Luis Obispo since 2009, gaining nonprofit status in 2011.

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— For that very specific middle bracket of people aged 18 to 65 — those who aren’t poor enough to qualify for Medical, but who aren’t wealthy enough to afford medical insurance — good news!

The clinic doors are open to patients from all faiths and cultures and not just to Muslim patients.

The Noor Community Clinic is not just a place for health care but also a place for research, teaching, training, and learning for medical students .

The Paso clinic has a physician’s assistant and medical assistant and is starting on recruiting North County doctors.

Currently most of the volunteer doctors and registered nurses commute from SLO.

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