Out of office error validating user agent execution access

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In the context of authentication, these protocols fall into two categories: Access Protocols A.Legacy Authentication Protocols Protocols like POP and IMAP, which do not support modern authentication methods are referred to as legacy authentication protocols. Modern Authentication Supported Protocols Protocols like, Exchange Active Sync, EWS, MAPI, and Power Shell, which support both basic and modern authentication methods are classified as modern authentication protocols, in the context of this document.Email clients use a combination consisting of one of each of the two attributes to access Office 365 email.

Note that ‘Power Shell’ is not an actual protocol used by email clients but required to interact with Exchange.

It has proven ineffective and is not recommended for the modern IT environments especially when authentication flows are exposed to the internet as is the case for Office 365. Modern Authentication To address the common security concerns and end-user experience requirements associated with Office 365 deployments, Microsoft introduced the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for Office 365 client applications, referred to as Modern Authentication.

Modern Authentication helps secure Office 365 resources using multi-factor authentication, certificate-based authentication, and SAML-based logins (such as federation with Okta), for a true single sign-on experience.

Okta’s security team sees countless intrusion attempts across its customer base, including phishing, password spraying, Knock Knock, and brute-force attacks.

They continuously monitor and rapidly respond to these attacks to protect customer tenants and the Okta service.

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