Pastor dating parishioner

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For the record, the pastor and this woman (a very close friend of mine) did not have anything more than a working relationship and a friendship.

There are feelings of attraction there, but they are both very self-disciplined.

In a Twitter discussion of clergy sexual misconduct, the conversation took a turn toward the question of a single clergyperson forming a relationship with a single parishioner.

This is probably one of the most complicated boundary issues we have.

In response to an e-mail, Knight said that the term clergy abuse does not apply in his case.

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They indicated support for his eventual return to the church.

But as we began to tell the truth about clergy sexual misconduct and hold pastors accountable for their actions in the congregation, the "rules" for social contact with parishioners tightened, at least in theory.

We can probably all agree that the pastor who introduced a new love to the congregation while the pastor's current spouse was sitting there, too, crossed a line.

The wording of the press release is similar to a letter mailed to all parishioners, dated March 27.

The letter said the decision was made following a review of the circumstances between Knight and the woman.

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