Pebbelz da model dating

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Technically, if you were working for Employer A at the time of the RFE and submit a EVL from Employer A, you could then switch to Employer B immediately on AC21.

In this scenario, I haven't worked with A for 6 months.

From your post it seems you were happily working at some place, and not really studying.

In case you have not attended any class till date you, my friend, are in trouble. Try coming back the right way..please do not get exploited by the OPT/CPT enablers/ providers whether Univ or Employer.

Those who havent joined yet, please do so right now. Hi, I have absolutely the same story happened to my wife. She never received AP which was approved and mailed on September 2007. IF they file for I-485 now, isnt the spouse left out unless she/he can come in H1B or F-1 herself?

Called USCIS on October, November and December 2007. Hi: According to the rules, you need to have I485 original receipt at the time of re-entry if you enter on H1, H4 or L1.

She currently has 1 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

Our records show that Pebbelz Da Model status is currently unknown which means we are unaware if she is making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photo shoots at this time.

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Asking client for the letter : Client says that they can't give a letter, it's against their company policy :confused: My Options : 1.

Also my priority date is Nov 2002 under EB3 and I am not sure how I can pursue this from my home country, if needed.

Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions !

As long as your application reached the mail room on or before Jul 21, 2008 then you are good to go and don't worry about the date on 797 receipt notice and remember to save the delivery proof. I read, somebody got AP issued by local CIS office during the infopass. Can IV do a press release and circulate thru news wire?

If it has reached after Jul 21, 2008 then your case will be denied because your labor is no longer valid from Jul 22, 2008 - you will have to start everything from scratch I agree with wandmaker above. If you qualify for premium processing (and qualification criteria are very narrow: if you are currently on H1b and need to extend it and no other way to extend it) then only you can do premium processing. IV can write an article about legal immigration and what IV is doing for it.

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