Post dating a personal check

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If that birthday check from Aunt Nellie is still floating around your house months after your birthday, you could be in for a surprise when you try to cash it. But they do become what is known as “stale dated.” Simply put, a check becomes stale dated six months after it was written. Sometimes your financial institution won’t notice the old date and will accept the check.

Or you can find out if your bank will accept a stale-dated check.

If the post-dated cheque is cashed early, you can ask your financial institution to put the money back into your account up to the day before the cheque should have been cashed.

A check is generally considered stale dated if it was written more than six months prior to being presented to a bank or other financial institution.

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You would need to send a notice of postdating to your bank describing the check.

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Let’s say you find Aunt Nellie’s check stuffed into your junk drawer – but it was written more than six months ago. You can return the check to Aunt Nellie, explain the issue, and ask her for a replacement check, with the current date, of course.

And an account that may have been flush when the check was issued may be empty several months down the road.

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