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This question came into sharp focus for me in the closing months of 2018, when I attended two events focusing on fintech – the Singapore Fintech Festival and IFC’s annual meeting of its fintech investees.

There is an incredible amount of excitement around fintech.

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Each year, I find myself reflecting on the progress we have made on financial inclusion, but also on the challenges ahead and how we as CGAP can contribute towards tackling them.

I met people working on insurtech, payments, reverse factoring platforms, blockchain-based identity solutions, digital micropensions, marketplace lending platforms, digital credit, e-commerce, regtech, suptech, artificial intelligence, machine learning…literally, everything under the sun.

There is so much energy, creative thinking and money going into this space, it is breathtaking. Between the opportunity for mass market financial services in emerging markets and the opening up of financial services in Europe thanks to the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), there is rightly a lot of excitement about how we can rethink financial services for the digital age.

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