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William had to overcome a disability in order to succeed in life, as he had been born with only one ear, and poor hearing in the one he did have. He was, like his brother Robert, a stalwart of the Methodist Church in Hythe and was a Sunday School teacher, steward and trustee. Apparently if he missed someone at church on Sunday, he would find out where they lived and look them up.

As he worked all day, the only opportunity he had for doing this was in the evenings.

In the countryside round the town, the nights were very dark in winter.

One evening in November 1906, when he was 52, he left the house at about half past seven in the evening.

It was clearly a step up in the world in more ways than one.The firm already had a good reputation for producing carts, carriages and even a coach for one of the royal house of Siam.They exported all over the British Empire, including to India.After Robert’s death, the business was run by the surviving brother, Frederick, assisted by his nephew, William’s son Arthur.Frederick was very much the baby of the family, 19 years younger than his brother Robert.

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