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One shot for Dutch courage will do if you’re struggling.

Get something in your hand – cue cards maybe, not a tequila – and glance at it rather than recite.You’ll look more natural and nobody will mind if you break their gaze every now and again for a quick check.If a couple of jokes miss the spot, don’t panic, and don’t mention just how badly you’re dying up there.After expressing his humility, West, 37, launched into a moving 9-minute speech that touched on his experiences as a successful black man in America.He spoke of how “groundbreaking” it was to visit Minister Louis Farrakhan and witness the civil rights leader’s reaction to him discussing his relationship with “a woman not of color”—Kim Kardashian West, the mother of his child. She had never seen her father curse, get mad—he was the most laid-back human being—and he went so crazy and tried to chase the people down.

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