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ssis updating database-12

ssis updating database-12

Understand that all data in a table that has a clustered index is in fact stored in the clustered index.To identify the records at source DB side, I have a column "Emp ID" in OLE DB Source. If you only mark the last that gave you clarification because you misread an earlier post others will be confused.But I dont know how I can use it to update records. Some of us are here to help others and our point to post ratio matters.I have a data flow process where I have an OLEDB Source and an OLEDB Destination like below: Source merges data from two staging tables and returns a result set (say, 50K rows). You can't do a bulk-update in SSIS within a dataflow task with the OOB components.These 50K rows are present in the destination table as well but are old data. The general pattern is to identify your inserts, updates and deletes and push the updates and deletes to a staging table(s) and after the Dataflow Task, use a set-based update or delete in an Execute SQL Task.

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