Superbowl ads gay dating site

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The 30-second spot shows two men watching a football game and then they both reach for the chips.Their hands meet and they immediately begin kissing. The ad ends with a flash of the URL and the tagline: "Where many many many men come out and play." Avid Life Media, which runs adult dating websites including extramarital-affair site Ashley, is behind the new gay male dating site.

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Thomas Young, marketing coordinator at Man, told Digital he sees a double standard in allowing the pro-life ad and rejecting the dating site ad.When the Super Bowl rolls around, expect a frenzy of publicity for advertisements rejected by the hosting broadcast network.This time, the Web is buzzing with news about an ad for a gay dating site losing favour with CBS.We define niches that are haven't been explored or are immature." Coinciding with a storm of publicity over Man is Avid Life's financial news: it had planned to go public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in several week to raise at least million in an initial public offering, but insider sources told Reuters "efforts to woo investors seem to have met with a cool response." Analysts believe banks and major investors were hesitant to get involved in any deal.This year, the buzz over controversial Super Bowl ads isn't limited solely to Man Crunch.

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