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To help you out, we’ve reviewed five different dating sites that meet all types of needs.Singles | Professionals | Over 50 | Black Dating | Hookup & Sex Starting with the top overall dating site, works for singles of all ages, orientations, cultures, ages (18 ), and locations.“Not having classes gives them a huge chunk of free time that they can spend on you,” Trish Vandel ’04 said.Interestingly enough, the condescending stigma against New Haven residents does not seem to extend into the realm of “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationships between townies and Yalies.

They’re much hotter than we are Whether it’s the lack of homework that affords them more time to spend in the gym or the substitution of beauty sleep for all-nighters, the bottom line is this: Townies are hotter than Yalies.“I’d been stuck in a Yale rut with girls and then I met my girlfriend and was like, ‘Man, these girls know what they’re doing.'” “They haven’t read Tolstoy, but they haven’t asked their parents for spending money either,” another Yalie noted.“He’s got more common sense than I do,” another confessed.“At first, my guy friends made fun of me,” one Yale man said.“But once they saw I liked her a fair amount, they were positive toward [my dating a New Haven resident].” Vandel agreed, “My friends from boarding school made the most fun [when I dated a guy from New Haven]. They’d say, ‘She’s at Yale, you’d think she’d meet and marry some investment banker, but instead she’s dating a car mechanic.’ It was the lowest position they could think of.” But Vandel says that once her friends got over their “initial momentary shock, they were fine with it.” On the whole, it seems that most people want their friends to be happy — with either a Yalie or a towney.

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