The benefits of dating a younger man

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When a woman dates a younger man, however, suddenly we have lost our damn minds!

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When we date men our own age or older, we often lose a bit of our own power.Rarely will you have to talk a younger man into trying something new as they are still gathering their life experiences.Older men may think too much about consequences and who wants to take the time to try to talk him into trying something new? The older you are, the more experiences you have had both good and bad.Along these same lines, younger men tend to have less bitterness and inner turmoil than most older men. Women tend to hate being reminded of their age because they just don’t FEEL 40-something on the inside. Hanging out with his younger friends and being one of the crowd lets us forget we are getting older.Bad divorces, financial issues, and job dissatisfaction may play a role in an older man’s relationships. While this may not be for everyone, some women find this very appealing and why wouldn’t they? Not that they cannot change or want to change, but younger men don’t have “ways” yet in general.

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