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If you're out on your honeymoon in Japan, why not indulge in something a little more different than your average date activity.

Japan offers helicopter charter rides over their cities at night so you can enjoy the twinkling of the city lights with your love from way high up.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be a student at a Japanese elementary school?

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Diners are allowed to fish for their main course in stocked tanks before it’s prepared fresh by the chefs.

The arcade and games are located on the second and fourth floors and the rest is a members-only cyber café.

The warehouse is located just thirty minutes from Tokyo Station, and entry is free.

The Mint museum located in Osaka is a nice place to go on a date, especially if you enjoy art.

But come springtime, the cherry blossoms in the area bloom and erupt in masses of beautiful, delicate, pink petals.

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