Updating twitter via email

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Adults who use online social networks are much more likely to say that they have used Twitter or some other service to update their status and read the status updates of others.Nearly one quarter (23%) of social network users say they have ever Twittered or used a similar service.Some 17% of internet users in households earning less than ,000 tweet and update their status, compared with 10% of those earning more than ,000 annually.Younger adults generally earn less money than older adults.Medline Plus offers a free email subscription service that allows you to receive alerts by email when new information is available.

Given the youth of most Twitter users, it is not surprising to find that online Americans who live in lower-income households are more likely to use Twitter than more affluent Americans.

Wireless internet users are also more likely to be users of Twitter and other status updating services; 14% of users who access the internet wirelessly via a laptop, handheld or cell phone have used a service like Twitter, compared to 6% of users who go online but do not do so wirelessly.

The use of Twitter is highly intertwined with the use of other social media; both blogging and social network use increase the likelihood that an individual also uses Twitter.

In the form above, type the message you want others to send via Twitter.

Then click “submit.” We generate a Tiny URL that you can send via email, use as a link in blog posts, or simply include in a tweet. Clicking on the link will automatically place your words into your friend’s Twitter status update window.

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