Weekend dating mumbai are aaron rodgers and hillary scott dating

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“While we did have a lot in common, my date still had some healing to do from her recent breakup.

As the evening progressed, the entire focus of our conversation turned to why her ex had behaved the way he did.

█ Mr/Ms Fickle Ph D scholar Ronak Batra, 28, describes himself as an ‘old-school romantic’, which can prove to be a surprising handicap when looking for love on dating apps.

“Apps are a great way to meet new people and explore new possibilities.

” At the same time, Batra admits that the ability to pursue multiple options (or dates) at the same time, generates a fear of missing out.

“Even if a date goes relatively well, I’ve sometimes found that I’m double-guessing myself, wondering if there is someone better that I should be opting for,” he says.

Yet, millions of singles put themselves through this gruelling routine every weekend, ever hopeful that they are one step closer to finding the love of their life.

█ The high roller Success is attractive, and lavishing your date with the spoils from your professional successes can seem like the natural thing to do if you are keen on making a good first impression.

However, bragging incessantly about your income or your material possessions as a means of compensating for bad behaviour, or a real or imagined deficiency, can be very off-putting, says Quadri.

Expert speak: Indecision in a romantic partner can be a major red flag, especially when it comes to long-term relationships, says Mannava.

Consequently, if your date reveals his/her indecisive self on the very first date, you may have dodged a bullet in terms of your emotional health.

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