Who is paula marshall dating

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It wasn't until 1992 that Marshall gained audience attention when she had a three episode guest role on The Wonder Years, and guest starred on other shows such as Seinfeld, Nash Bridges, Grapevine and Diagnosis Murder.

In 1994 she got her first sitcom role on Wild Oats, which was cancelled in its first season.

Roem made headlines of course for her win, but also for her response when asked how it felt to defeat a man who misgendered her, refused to debate her, and put forward a transphobic bathroom bill.“Starting next year, Delegate Marshall will be one of my constituents, and I’m not going to attack my own constituents,” Roem told Lawrence O’Donnell. Now, Marshall’s sisters, actress Paula Marshall Nucci, is getting in on the act.“He wouldn’t debate her, he wouldn’t call her “her” or “she,” Marshall Nucci noted on Facebook.You’ve probably seen her everywhere in everything, but not for very long.Paula Marshall has a weird reputation as being a show-killer. It’s not really true, but it did happen enough that one does speculate a little…

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