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The email described Cosby's "one-of-a-kind work of investigative journalism" as follows: Drawing on her unique access to all of the major players in this widely followed tale of sex, drugs, and unbridled personal ambition, Cosby will reveal the tabloid media jockeying and closed-door shenanigans to which she alone has been witness in connection with this case. Schuster also sent Einhorn background materials on Cosby, including her curriculum vitae and a summary of her career, all of which impressed Einhorn and convinced her that Cosby was an accomplished journalist. At this meeting Cosby revealed that the Book "would have a number of previously unreported explosive news items," but Cosby would not reveal what these items were, because she was still shopping the Book to other publishers. On April 12, 2007, Einhorn, along with several other Hachette employees, met with Cosby and Shuster to discuss the Book. Hachette was not interested in publishing the Book unless it contained previously unreported information, however, so Einhorn arranged for Schuster to tell her two of the items in a phone call that took place on April 16, 2007.

Gilberti, Jr., Esq., Lisa Di Poala Haber, Esq., Belina Anderson, Esq., Syracuse, NY, for plaintiff Howard K. First, they argue that Stern is "libel-proof"—that is, they contend that his reputation is already so bad that it cannot be further damaged. Smith died of a prescription drug overdose on February 8, 2007 at a hotel in Florida. ¶ 14; see generally Abby Goodnough, Anna Nicole Smith's Death Is Ruled an Accidental Drug Overdose, N.

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Location of the event and parking information are indicated on a Google Map. Franklin Hall, Kent State University Rita Cosby is a renowned TV host and veteran correspondent, who anchored highly-rated primetime shows on Fox News Channel and MSNBC.

(Photograph caption in Book).▄ Statement 17: Five days before she died, Smith's attorney faxed her will to one of Stern's attorneys. On October 15, 2007 Stern moved, by order to show cause, for a preliminary injunction to enjoin defendants from tampering with witnesses or evidence and seeking certain expedited discovery. Fifth, I discuss defendants' assertion that Stern has failed to show that he is entitled to present his claims for punitive damages to the jury.

Specifically, Stern flushed down the toilet several pills he found in Daniel Smith's room at their home in the Bahamas. at 51-53).▄ Statement 11: Stern perjured himself when he testified in a Florida proceeding that he was the father of Dannielynn. Stern also offered Birkhead a deal whereby Stern would abandon any claim to being Dannielynn's father if Birkhead would permit Stern to serve as executor of Smith's estate. Fourth, I address defendants' arguments that Stern has failed to present any evidence of actual malice.

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