Worst internet dating stories

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But the manatee was actually dead, and the body ended up falling apart and she was covered in dead manatee slime and someone had to fish her out and clean her up.After some words of consolation from me about how fucked up that experience must have been, she told me she made it up, and every other story she had told me that night, because she likes making up stories.He was already calling me "his girlfriend" to his friends.When we met, I instantly knew there was zero physical attraction (his photos were obviously old upon seeing him in person).The Strange • After we had sex, she told a story about her marine biology internship and about a pack of manatees they once found in the water off Key West.She really loved manatees, and eventually she jumped from her boat into the water and landed on a manatee.Ask Women: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space.

But we think we’d be remiss not to include the dark and very real amongst the wacky and bizarre.Towards the end I thought I'd send him a FB friend request and when I found him saw his profile picture was a photo of his wife and newborn child.Like newborn as in born probably around the same time we started "dating."Guy two is my most recent ex, he was awesome, funny, successful, smart but a big nerd.Best: Met my husband on there and he's freaking AMAZING. He kept making comments about taking me home for himself that night. And after all that he still had to finish his squats because priorities.He is the most thoughtful, caring, and loving man I've ever encountered. I seriously had to call someone to show up to where we were so that I had a 'distraction' to get away from him. And when I think about him to this day, I get the shudders. I find this unintentionally hilarious as a fellow lifter.

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