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The abstract should be intended to allow delegates from different backgrounds to gain an appreciation of your work.Abstract submission deadline is extended to 22nd June 2019 .By default, the list of results is ordered by Country of registration ascending, then by GI name ascending.You can click on any column header to sort your results by that column in ascending or descending order.

The organising committee is pleased to invite abstract proposals for oral presentations and 3-minute thesis competition that highlights the importance and contribution of basic science, applied and policy-related research towards sustainability.GI name: free text field where you can enter either the whole or part of the GI name that you are looking for.The name can be entered in English or in local language.The information fiches includes information concerning the geographic indication, in particular the GI name, the country and date of registration, its main characteristics/features its process of production/processing, the geographical area of production, the link between the product and the territory, the type of product, the GI file number and competent authority, the GI right holder or GI association and its contact details information.Please note al GI information fiches are available in English.

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